‘What Lies Beneath’ from LOVE Magazine

またもや … 「LOVE MAGAZINE」のベストエディトリアル。「WHAT LIES BENEATH」と題された森の中でのダークな演出。ご存知、ケイティ・グランド(Katy Grand)の手にかかれば美しいモノがこうして生まれる。フォトグラファー、マート(Mert)&マーカス(Marcus)。

Amongst the editorials we have see so far this season the epic ‘What Lies Beneath‘ editorial by LOVE Magazines Editor-in-Chief Katy Grand is a stand out favorite. Shot by Mert & Marcus at the legendary Pinewood studios the shots are in turn dark, menacing and cinematic whilst featuring some of F/W 2011’s top fashion. The work in Love magazine raises the bar for other titles and it was great to see such an edgey publication on so many magazine shelves in England. See the full editorial in the new isue of LOVE Magazine which is out now.